The Final Post

As this is my last post, it is the perfect time to reflect on my experience of starting my first ever blog. When I first started this I was also given another assignment which was an ‘investigation in to how to market Scotland as a tourist destination’ so I thought it would make sense to base the blog around this topic as it would help shape the extensive research that had to be made for it. I chose this as I am really interested in tourism as a whole but after a lot of travelling around Scotland I am more focussed to look at tourism in Scotland.

Personally I think tourism in Scotland is increasing very quickly due to a number of factors. A few years ago in the Highlands, tourism was considerably lower than that of the rest of the country. This was noticed by the North Highland Initiative who then created the North Coast 500. The route starts off in Inverness and goes right round the top of the highlands and back down again, showcasing many activities, history and restaurants on the way. As I worked in the Dornoch Tourist Information for two summer seasons, I found out just how vital the North Coast 500 was to even the locals in the highlands. A Lady told me that she had rented out her house for two weekends in the summer and made over £2000 from people who were taking part in the route. This shows how much money is being generated to the highland economy especially. I have always loved Scotland but it never used to be my first choice holiday option until I had a car myself and discovered that you can see a lot more if you choose to discover your own country first. One of my favourite trips was to the Isle of Skye, which I had been encouraged to go see by many of the tourists I spoke to in my summer seasons. I expected it to be pretty boring and dull but I was totally proved wrong. The landscapes were incredible (especially the Fairy Pools) and the people were lovely, the pubs were good too! I would recommend Skye to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and driving around.

As I was doing extensive research for my other assignment, I learned that Scotland is actually the first choice option for a lot of people who live in Scotland and outside of Scotland. One of the main reasons for people choosing not to stay/come to Scotland for a holiday is the weather, which obviously cannot be helped. Another reason was the lack of transport links within Scotland. I recently went to Prague and there were transport links that took you from the Airport by bus to the metro, then the metro to the town centre which has stops everywhere so there was hardly any confusion. I believe if Scotland had better transport links a lot more people would choose to travel here.

Although this assignment is over and my blogs for my college course have ended, I have chosen to keep my blog going and will discuss all aspects of travelling which I intend to do either this year or next year. My plan is to travel for a month going through Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, Krakow, Vienna and Budapest. Lastly I would like to thank you all for reading my blogs and I hope you enjoyed them!


Jodie Ross

Isle of Skye

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