So what is this all about?

Hi, my name is Jodie and I have decided to write a blog! I have always had an interest in travel and tourism but more recently, travel in Scotland. I have worked two summer seasons in the Dornoch Tourist Information which has given me the inspiration to see as much of my home country as possible.This was after hearing hundreds of visitors using the same expression of ‘your country is so beautiful’ and having never visited some of the places they had been to before me! After visiting gorgeous places such as the Isle of Skye and many little towns in Aberdeenshire, I have been inspired to encourage others to stay in Scotland and see what it has to offer. As well as this, the blog will look at ways in which to market Scotland as a popular holiday destination for people outside of the UK. This blog will uncover the most popular tourist attractions, national delicacies, shopping destinations, and history and whisky tours all over Scotland. This project is part of my Advertising and Public Relations course at the North East Scotland College and the idea behind it is to educate readers on how to experience Scotland’s full potential.

Scotland is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world with over 15 million visitors yearly and generates around £15 billion from tourism alone. Scottish people tend to be sun worshippers and are quick to choose going abroad on holiday over staying in their own country (which isn’t surprising sometimes with the weather!) but I want to give a little insight into Scotland that might change some perceptions. Have you seen some of Harris’s beaches? They wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean on the right day!
By encouraging travellers to stay in their home nation, even more money could be made from tourism and would therefore improve Scotland’s economy. Scotland has amazing landscapes ranging from the Cairngorm Mountains to Edinburgh castle in the capital. When people travel to Scotland they often visit the tourist hot spots such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness but don’t seem to venture much further, whether that’s due to preference, time constraints or just lack of knowledge. I personally think that a lot of tourists are missing out on the hidden gem that is the Highlands and Islands which provide so much diversity and a real insight into Scottish culture. Therefore, this blog aims to highlight the importance of the Highlands and Islands as a tourist destination, including the newly recognised North Coast 500 – often referred to as ‘Scotland’s answer to the Route 66’. Please keep a look out for further blog posts which will look at ways in which to market Scotland as a tourist destination.


19 thoughts on “So what is this all about?

    1. Fantastic and a blog I look forward to following, to refer to and to share widely. You’re right, we have a beautiful country. Thanks for creating this opportunity to appreciate it.

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  1. Great blog Jods, very well put together and all valuable points of which some you picked up from working for two seasons in the Dornoch Tourist Information. Your an inspiration to everyone and a great ambassador for Dornoch and the Highlands too! Keep up the good work can’t wait for more! X

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